She is described as a breathtakingly beautiful woman…Who is she?

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Actually, I wanted to share the story of RANI PADMAVATI, as I was astonished by reading about her and even the movie is also released in Bollywood starring – Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh.

I wanted you guys to know about her and her valiance which placed her in the histories of Hinduism. Padmavati was an exceptionally beautiful princess and she is known for her bravery sacrifice.

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Who was Rani Padmavati?

Padmini, also known as Padmavati, was a legendary 13th– 14th-century Indian queen. She is described as a breathtakingly beautiful woman, one who could see the water she drank or the betel leaves she chewed because her skin was so fair and unblemished. She was the daughter of Gandharv Sen, the king of the Singhal kingdom. The plot takes us a whopping 250 years back in time – a time when Delhi Sultanate and Rajput kingdoms ruled over North India. Surprisingly, annals of history are silent on the existence of Padmavati or Padmini as she was popularly called, despite having chronicled the various conquests of Alauddin Khalji.

The plot-

A parrot named Hiraman is said to have played a pertinent role in spreading the tales of her beauty to lands far and wide. This could be the reason King Ratan Rawal Singh, the ruler of Chittor got smitten with her, despite being a married man. What followed was Padmini’s swayamvar, where Ratan Singh won over the princess after defeating her in a sword game. Simmering with rage, Chetan decided to avenge himself by taking refuge under Khalji. It was Chetan who fed Alauddin Khalji with painstakingly beautiful tales about Padmavati, preparing the ground for the siege of Chittor. Some sources, however, hint that it was Ratan Singh’s own brothers who aroused Khilji with lustful stories of Padmavati as they didn’t get their share of the Queen’s dowry, leading to the eventual Rajput doom. Khilji set out for Chittor with the hope of looking at the Queen – on whom he was fixated by now – himself. On reaching Chittoor, Alauddin Khalji conveyed his desire to the King to have a glimpse of the Queen about whom he had heard so much. Unaware of the impending danger, the King acceded to the demands of Khilji only to reveal the fort’s defense loopholes to the enemy. The Queen, on the other hand, agreed to only show her reflection to Khilji through a mirror. A mere glimpse of Padmavati’s reflection was enough to captivate Khilji who was obsessed with the desire to possess her. In an attempt to possess Padmavati, Khilji seized Ratan Singh. offering to free the King only in exchange for Padmavati. The Rajputs concocted plans to defeat Khilji’s army but in vain. This news led to a bedlam in the fort with the women preparing for self-immolation or Jauhar in the event of Rajputs losing at the hands of Khilji. The news of panic among women encouraged Khilji further who attacked the fort walls from all sides in a bid to capture Padmavati. However, before Khilji could actually get his hands on the Queen, she jumped into the Jauhar Kund (mass self-immolation). along with other Rajput women, wailing for the Rajput men.The men of Chittor fought to the death against Alauddin, who acquired nothing but an empty fortress after his victory, he couldn’t actually possess Padmavati who chose honor over her life.

Hence this is the startling and a complicated historical story about Padmavati.

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